Botox Treatments: What to Expect

Have you thought about starting treatment with BOTOX, DYSPORT or XEOMIN but are unsure of what to expect during the procedure?

Don’t let uncertainty get in the way of your dreams.

At Pura Vida Med Spa, we’re not only committed to making our clients feel more confident about their appearance. We’re also committed to putting our clients’ minds at ease when they step through our door for a consultation or procedure.

We always make sure to take the time and care to educate our clients about their procedure of interest.

If you want to stop the hands of time, BOTOX, DYSPORT and XEOMIN could be your best options to improve fine lines and wrinkles.

Let’s learn more!

How does it work?

At Pura Vida, we offer three similar treatment options that temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines you see on your brows, forehead, and eyes that many adults experience. All three are FDA approved and are different brands of Botulism Toxin A. and are administered by a Pura Vida physician or nurse practitioner.
When should you consider getting Botox?

More and more people in their 20s and 30s are starting to get Botox as a means of reducing the signs of aging on your skin. Often times, as a person ages, more frequent Botox injections are needed, and in higher amounts than in younger clients. That’s why Botox is common among people in their 40s and 50s as a form of treatment for their fine lines and wrinkles.

What makes Pura Vida Med Spa special?

We offer a free consultation for anyone who is interested in our services. During this consultation, your provider will discuss your treatment goals with you and perform a facial analysis to determine the appropriate treatments.

Once you’ve decided what procedure is right for you, we’ll schedule an appointment.

Prior to your treatment, the physician or nurse practitioner will instruct you to remove your make-up. Next, they’ll ask you to make facial expressions so that they can identify and mark where they should make the injections. From there, small amounts of the pre-determined type of Botox will be injected into your muscles with a fine needle. It will feel as if you’ve been pricked with a small pin.

Overall, a Botox procedure is usually painless however; some clients may experience only mild discomfort from the procedure. The entire process usually takes around 10-15 minutes.

Once your procedure is completed, we’ll take the time to educate you on the post-procedure, home-care instructions.

We recommend that for the next four to six hours, you avoid touching the treated area, washing it, applying make-up to or rubbing the area in anyway. This could cause the medication to spread to a different muscle group, which may lead to some unwanted drooping or an irregularity in symmetry of results.

Heavy exercise, lying flat or bending over repeatedly is not recommended for the same time frame after your procedure.

It will typically take three days for the Botox injections to start working and reaches peak effect within 10 days.

Questions about Botox?

Let Pura Vida Medical Spa help you with your botox treatments. Call us at 239-919-7872 and schedule a free consultation. On the web, visit to learn more about us and our dermal filler services.

We are conveniently located in Downtown Naples on Fifth Avenue South with ample free parking nearby. After (or before your appointment) visit some of the nearby great restaurants and shopping in our neighborhood.

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  1. Sariah Meagle says:

    My aunt wanted to have younger and firmer looking skin for my cousin’s wedding. It was explained here that botox can help her to look younger and confident of her appearance. Furthermore, it’s recommended to go to trusted health professionals when planning to have botox for crows feet.

  2. Hazel Owens says:

    That’s good to know that a Botox treatment only takes 10-15 minutes to complete. My mom has been stressing about her neck since it’s been getting more wrinkled so she’s thinking about having a Botox treatment done. I’ll have to tell her that it’s a really short procedure since that’ll help her out since she works a lot.

  3. Beauty says:

    Nice blog! It’s good to know that it is non-surgical treatment and only takes 10-15 min.

  4. Bella james says:

    For what purpose Botox can use, and how long Botox treatment will be beneficial.

  5. Simran Ahuja says:

    Interesting blog, good information is provided regarding Botox treatment. Was very useful, thanks for sharing the blog.

  6. Dermatologist Greenville says:

    A patient will begin to see the results of their Botox treatment pretty quickly. It may only take a couple of days because the face begins to look and feel tighter and smoother. The final results may not be clear for two weeks, so it pays to be patient. Technicians can target lines around the eyes, forehead, lips and those common frown lines. These results can last around 4 months before muscle function returns and the lines can redevelop

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