The Complete Guide to CoolSculpting

Chances are by now you have seen at least one commercial about CoolSculpting. Can it really help you? Is it really painless? What is it about this procedure that is turning the plastic surgery world on its ear?

Well, we’re going to look at CoolSculpting, answer some of the questions that you have, take you through what you are going to experience if you have it done, and some of the risks.

We are also going to compare it to some of the other types of similar procedures. Hopefully we will answer all of your questions and give you an idea of what of what this wonderful thing called CoolSculpting is all about!

What Exactly is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a breakthrough that works through something that was discovered by two doctors at Harvard. They found that after children ate popsicles, their cheeks formed dimples. They realized quickly that the cold from the popsicles were freezing and then eliminating small fat pocket cells and leaving their skin and the surrounding tissue without damage. This is what helped them with developing the process we now know as CoolSculpting.

The process is best used for targeted areas of fat. It uses applicators of various sizes and shapes to help in cooling the given area on your skin. As you’re sitting back and relaxing, the applicators begin to cool the fat cells under the skin. As the temperature cools to almost -11 Celsius, the fat cells, inside the applicator, are crystalizing and dying but your skin and the tissue surrounding it stays undamaged.

The procedure is so noninvasive that a lot of patients bring their laptop to work on, watch television or even take a nap during the procedure. Afterwards the natural processes of your body is going to break down the crystallized, dead fat cells. Then remove it via the lymphatic system. The best part is, since adults don’t make new fat cells, they won’t come back!

Who’s the Best Candidate for CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting has a variety of options, depending on body type, and your own personal goals.

The people who are idea for CoolSculpting:

  • have grab-able or pinchable fat which can be pulled from tehir body
  • have distinct or discreet fat pockets with borders that are well-defined
  • Men and women who are interested in losing a few inches

The Effectiveness

During and after your CoolSculpting treatment, it’s important to regularly exercise, eat well, and be realistic in your expectations. CoolSculpting can be really effective when it comes to reducing fat below the skin. 60 to 75% of the patients have been happy with the results after their procedure.

It’s important that you maintain your weight following your treatment by way of exercise and proper nutrition.

Repeated Treatments?

The answer is yes. Usually a single treatment is going to shrink approximately 20-25% in your targeted area. Complete results will normally take 2-3 months since it will take your body that long to remove all of your fat cells that crystalized. It’s usually around this stage that patients consider repeat treatments for added sculpting benefits.

Where Does the Fat Go?

Fat is held inside cells which shrink and grow as you lose and gain weight during your life. When you have CoolSculpting, as many of 25% of the cells in your targeted zone will be killed, releasing that fat they’ve been storing.

You should understand that CoolSculpting is not a procedure that is designed to help you lose weight. It is about body contouring and losing inches rather than pounds. Fat doesn’t weigh a lot, so your pounds stay similar.

Is It Safe?

Cryolipolysis’ has been proven to be very safe. As a procedure that is totally noninvasive, CoolSculpting offers a significant reduction in risk when compared with other techniques for fat reduction.

  • Since anesthesia isn’t used, you don’t have to worry about risks from anesthesia.
  • There are no incisions made.
  • There is no time needed for recovery.

That being said, every type of procedure has its risk. Most patients who have it done do not typically have side effects after their procedure. However, there are a few things that may develop shortly afterwards, including:

  • Mild soreness
  • Temporary numbness
  • Mild bruising

CoolSculpting: How it Goes Beginning to End

This procedure is very safe and it’s noninvasive, so you don’t have to do much to get ready for your treatment. But there’s a few things that you may want to do including:

1. Be certain it’s a good choice for you
As has been stated before, it’s not a tool for weight loss. It’s for the stubborn places for fat you can’t get rid of through diet and exercise.

2. Discover the amount of treatments you’re going to need
When you have just one treatment, your fat cell number is reduced by approximately 20-30%. That can undoubtedly make a big improvement. After the consultation/assessment you will have a much better idea of what you’re going to need.

3. Get comfortable
This helps ease your body and mind before the procedure. Make sure that you are wearing clothing that is appropriate and fits loosely.

4. Remember some entertainment
Based on your treatment specifics, each of your sessions might last a few hours. Simply laying there can be pretty boring if you have nothing to do. If this doesn’t sound good, it’s a good idea to bring a tablet, your favorite book, bring your laptop – you can even take a nap.

The Treatment

Once you have been decided on CoolSculpting, the process is as follows:

You will be taken to a private room for treatment. You will change into disposable clothing. You are going to be photographed. This is for purposes of documentation, and then your skin is going to be marked. This will make sure that the device is applied to the right area.

When you are ready to start, there will be a barrier gel pad placed on top of the treatment area. This protects the skin from the cold.

The next thing that happens is the CoolSculpting machine will be applied right over that gel pad. Most of the applicators will use vacuum pressure in order to bring that section up and in between two cooling plates inside the applicator.

After the applicator is secure, that’s when the cooling begins. Using the precisely controlled cooling technology, the applicators will lower your tissue to below freezing temperatures. This temperature has been proven to go after fat cells and destroy them specifically while the skin, organs, tissue and the muscle around them are unharmed. The best temperature’s -11°C. This completely natural process is what crystallizes and kills those fat cells in your affected area. They are then removed from the body as time goes by, just as any other damaged or dead cells.

After the procedure is complete, the area will be massaged for a couple of minutes to aid in the breakdown of the dead fat cells. After the treatment, you mightfeel weird sensations, burning or tingling in your treated area for a couple of minutes, along with swollenness, redness and bruising. All of these are temporary.

How Long Does it Take?

If you have a problem area such as love handles, thighs, a double chin or abdomen, CoolSculpting is a great choice. But it’s important to note that each of these areas is going to require at least one hour per treatment. We have three machines and can often CoolSculpt, up to three body parts, at the same time.

Since there isn’t any anesthesia and no cutting, you can lay back and relax during the procedure. You can also bring something to entertain yourself so that you have something to occupy your time. Depending on what you’re having done, you might be there a while.


Since there aren’t any incisions that are made and there isn’t any anesthesia or stitches, there is a really short recovery period after CoolSculpting. There’s virtually no downtime period. You can drink and eat anything you want right away and you can go back to your job from the doctor’s office. Sometimes people do a treatment during lunch. There aren’t any type of physical activity restrictions.

Before and After: Seeing The Results

CoolSculpting is very exciting and people are anxious to see the results from the procedure. But there are three very important things that you should consider if you are considering CoolSculpting.

1. CoolSculpting’s not for weight loss, it’s for fat reduction – There’s a very important difference between these two. It eliminates some of the fat cells.

2. Results aren’t predictable – Anytime you treat a body part, that part might respond in a way that’s different from another part that’s been treated. results vary person to person among different body parts. There is no guarantee, however Cool Sculpting has a 95% satisfaction rate worldwide.

3. The results aren’t immediate – It’s going to take time (2 to 4 months) before you see the full results. So be patient.

Results in the Long Term

An improvement in body shape’s been achieved in many treatments and CoolSculpting has a satisfaction rate of 96%, boasting a higher satisfaction rating among patients than any other fat-reduction technique that is noninvasive.

Usually, following one treatment a patient will see that the fat in the area that was treated has improved by 20 to 25%. This might not seem like a lot, but when you are looking at your stomach it may mean the difference between seeing it flat or seeing a pooch.

Proper nutrition and exercise are very important to helping maintain your results. Those fat cells which have been destroyed during your treatment aren’t going to grow back but those cells that are remaining are still happy to swell with other fat. When you maintain a lifestyle that is healthy, it will help with maximizing your results to ensure they’re lasting a lifetime.

How Much You’ll Pay for CoolSculpting

The cost associated with CoolSculpting is going to vary based on the area you want to treat and the amount of treatments you are going to need. Due to these factors, you’re going to get a much better price estimate when you have a consultation in person with the provider you choose. They are going to create a treatment plan that is tailored to your own needs and goals, along with your budget. That’s the reason why it’s very hard to find the information for pricing online. It’s different for every person.

Comparing CoolSculpting to Other Treatments

There are many other options when it comes to fat reduction. So how does CoolSculpting stack up to the other ones? What are the differences and advantages? Below are the comparisons between CoolSculpting and some of its competitors.

CoolSculpting Versus Liposuction

For many years, liposuction was the treatment that people went to when they wanted to reduce their fat. But there are a lot of advantages that CoolSculpting has over liposuction. Two of the major advantages that CoolSculpting offers is that unlike liposuction, which includes anesthesia, incisions and surgery, it’s completely noninvasive and doesn’t include any of those things. The other advantage is that since CoolSculpting can treat different area sizes, it’s a lot safer when you have a smaller area since liposuction is better for larger fat areas.

CoolSculpting Versus Velashape

Velashape’s fat reduction approach is quite different from CoolSculpting’s. CoolSculpting uses cold to freeze the fat and Velashape uses laser energy, suction massage, and radio frequency for heating up and melting away your fat. The technology that Velashape uses is older. But the method’s less efficient and the results can be unreliable. The treated area’s skin must be often iced and patients have even been burned during their procedure.

CoolSculpting Versus Venus Freeze

In spite of the name, Venus Freeze actually is a procedure that utilizes energy from radio frequency for creating heat instead of cold. Rather than eliminating fat cells, this procedure shrinks a patient’s fat cells go through breaking down the triglycerides. But the capacity it has for reducing fat is limited.

CoolSculpting Versus Zerona

Zerona is another one of the treatments that’s 100% noninvasive, and it uses laser energy for safely liquefying and shrinking fat cells while it tightens the skin.

There’s a huge disadvantage this technique has. You are going to be seeing the doctor for a treatment A LOT with Zerona. While when you do CoolSculpting you may only need one treatment, based on the area which is being treated, you will have to return to your doctor’s office every other day for a treatment on alternating days for FIFTEEN days with Zerona, and you’ll spend 40 minutes there! When you miss just one appointment, you’re going to risk the results. Not only that, but CoolSculpting’s treatment works by destroying and removing fat cells. Zerona may just shrink them. This means that although the CoolSculpting treatment is going to be permanent, but Zerona’s might not.

CoolSculpting Versus SculpSure

SculpSure’s technology is laser energy which blasts the fat cells with heat to kill them instead of cold.

One big advantage that CoolSculpting has is that it’s been around a lot longer and a lot of doctors are a lot more comfortable doing it.

CoolSculpting Versus truSculpt

Another one of the options for fat reduction which uses energy from radio frequency is truSculpt. This uses the energy for heating up fat cells.

CoolSculpting Versus Liposonix

Just like the name implies, Liposonix makes use of sound in order to destroy the fat cells. It’s ideal for those people who have a minimum of an inch of fatty tissue that can be pinched, but it’s only effective on the fat deposits that are in the abdomen. The bad thing is that even though it can help you greatly with losing a dress or pant size and an inch from your waistline, it cannot be used anywhere else on the body. That’s why it’s a lot less versatile than CoolSculpting. It’s also very painful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s CoolSculpting For?

If you have at least one stubborn fat bulge in a certain area on your body that you want to eliminate, you may want to consider CoolSculpting. Chances are that you have tried diet and exercise but nothing has worked.

It’s a tool for fat-reduction for sections of stubborn, unwanted fat. If you want to lose weight, CoolSculpting won’t help you because it’s created to help you with body contouring rather than helping you with losing weight.

What Areas on the Body are Treated by CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting uses vacuum for drawing distinct pliable fat areas between cooling plates inside applications. This will limit its abilities to the areas where stubborn fat is, including

  • Fat at the bra line
  • Double chin
  • Back fat
  • Enlarged breasts on a man due to fat
  • Abdomen
  • Fat beneath the buttocks
  • Side or flank aka love handles or muffin top
  • Outer and inner thighs
  • Hips

Can CoolSculpting be done while pregnant?
It is unlikely that the fat freezing technique is going to cause any effect on your pregnancy. However, there hasn’t been any studies done on pregnant women. That’s why it’s not recommended that you have it done while you are pregnant. It’s best that you don’t have any type of body contouring done if you’re trying to conceive or you plan to be pregnant within six months to be on the safe side. If you do have it done and then discover that you are pregnant, don’t worry. Chances are that the treatment will not affect your pregnancy. But it’s possible you may not see the results due to gaining weight because of your pregnancy.

However, there have been great results for new moms who have CoolSculpting done and want to lose the baby weight.
Well, that’s the information about CoolSculpting. A lot of people have found it that it works for them and that it helps them look and feel great. Talk to a professional and see if CoolSculpting might be right for you!

Questions about CoolSculpting?

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