How Do Dead Fat Cells Leave the Body?

How Do Dead Fat Cells Leave the Body?

How Do Dead Fat Cells Leave the Body?

A lot of people are just happy when they lose weight and don’t care where the fat cells go.

But there are other people who wonder where their body, gets rid of fat cells, after they lost weight from coolsculpting. The answer could be surprising to you.

When you are consuming more calories than what you need to take in, you’ll store the additional energy in your body as triglyceride. Even more importantly, no matter what you eat whether it’s carbs, fat or protein, you’ll have more triglycerides inside the fat cells.

Before food turns to fat

Before the protein or carbs you eat become fat cells, they’re converted chemically. So what does this mean? It means that even eating, just salad, you could increase your fat, although it’s going to take a lot of salad.

After food turns to fat

When you are trying to lose the extra fat, you’ll increase or lower your output of energy, so that your bodies dipping into the stored energy in the fat cells so that it can keep going.

There are also times when your body can break down muscle to create energy, but we’ll keep it simple.

How fat breaks down

When it comes to your cells, this means that your triglycerides are liberated due to fat breaking down, which yields four different chemicals from each of the stored triglycerides – three fatty acids and one glycerol.

As more triglycerides are broken down during negative calorie balance, it becomes much smaller but it doesn’t disappear completely. These chemicals can then be burned so that energy is produced.

The fat is then used for creating energy. The molecule of triglyceride, with oxygen, converts to carbon dioxide as well as water.

There was a recent article that said when someone loses 10kg of triglyceride, 8.4 kg is exhaled as carbon dioxide and the rest is expelled from the body as bodily fluids like sweat, urine, tears, and water in feces.

When you lose fat, it’s mostly lost through your body through carbon dioxide and water. Surprisingly, this means that most of the fat that you lose is lost due to your lungs expelling the carbon dioxide.

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