Liposuction vs. Noninvasive Fat Reduction

Liposuction vs. Non-Invasive Fat Removal Naples, FL

Whether you have a pooch in your stomach following a pregnancy, fat in your thighs that won’t go away, or bulges around your back and flank. Fat that is localized can be really hard to permanently remove through diet and exercise alone.

A very popular and common cosmetic procedure that a lot of people have had done for removing fat is liposuction and it’s not hard to see why. Liposuction will reduce fat and will refine your body’s contour.

More recently minimally invasive or nonsurgical liposuction alternatives, like CoolSculpting, have become more popular. These treatments for body contouring usually don’t require anesthesia or an incision, and have a minimal amount of downtime.

In this article we’re going to look at the differences between invasive and non-invasive fat removal procedures.

What’s Liposuction?

Popular since the 1980s, liposuction is an invasive cosmetic surgery used for removing fat. During the procedure, a cosmetic surgeon will remove extra fat through a cannula, which is a hollow small tube. Suction is applied as the surgeon moves the cannula through the deposit of fat, removing the extra fat cells.

Since liposuction is performed under anesthesia, It also has a recover period that’s as long as 6 weeks, and the price is much higher when compared with noninvasive options.

How Noninvasive Procedures like CoolSculpting® Work

Treatments that are nonsurgical will use various modalities for targeting and eliminating excessive fat cells through a procedure that is topical instead of invasive. Popular contouring treatments that are nonsurgical include;


This is a good choice for people that have gotten close to the weight they want to be but they are looking to reduce localized, small spots on their thighs, abdomen or hips. CoolSculpting uses a special cryolipolysis device for cooling your unwanted cells of fat so that they die but they don’t affect the areas around the fat cells. After the cells of fat die, they’re flushed from your body after your procedure and you’ll see the results in about ninety days.

Because needles and surgery aren’t needed to get the body you’ve always dreamed about, you can return to your regular daily activities as soon as the session is finished! In fact, the treatment can be done during your lunch hour.

Liposuction versus Fat Reduction Through Nonsurgical Procedures: Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons both to liposuction and the other types of body contouring.


  • Liposuction – Liposuction’s the more aggressive fat reduction method and creates trauma to the treated area. Patients are going to experience bruising, swelling and soreness for as long as 10 days following the procedure.
  • Non-Invasive Procedures – The noninvasive procedures are gentle and have minimal discomfort. The treatment session is much more comfortable than traditional liposuction.


  • Liposuction – Results from liposuction usually won’t be seen for up to 180 days.
  • Noninvasive – You’ll see results in as little as 3 months.


  • Liposuction – When you have liposuction done, it requires that you restrict your activities for up to 7 days following your procedure with restrictions on exercise.
  • Noninvasive – With non-invasive procedures, you’ll be able to go back to working out and return to your normal life a lot faster.

Which Procedure is Right for My Needs?

If you have large areas of fat, liposuction may be better for improving your figure in different areas. But it also is going to be a lot more expensive and there is a higher risk when it comes to your health when compared with noninvasive techniques.

Noninvasive procedures for fat reduction could be a better choice if you are looking to target stubborn small trouble spots.

Questions about CoolSculpting?

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