Microdermabrasion vs HydraFacial – What’s the Difference?

Microdermabrasion vs HydraFacial – What’s the Difference?

Microdermabrasion vs HydraFacial – What’s the Difference?

Even though there are people who love microdermabrasion and how it provides exfoliation, there’s another facial treatment that they might want to look into called HydraFacial. This offers much more than just exfoliation. This offers extraction, cleansing, and exfoliation, along with infusing hydration and antioxidants into the skin.

HydraFacial can be completely customized, because everyone has different skin. Let’s look at the difference in between microdermabrasion and HydraFacial.


When you are looking for microdermabrasion, you’ll find there are a variety of types. But one thing that they all have in common is they exfoliate your skin. The procedure will remove your skin’s top layer and make it smoother and softer immediately. It also removes the debris from your skin, cleanses your pores, encourages the formation of collagen to tone and firm your ski, and stimulate the flow of blood.


HydraFacial’s known as an advanced microdermabrasion resurfaces your skin. It does everything that microdermabrasion does while including special serums which are full of peptides, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. HydraFacial is also able to be customized based on your type of skin and the concerns that you have.

Before your treatment is done, the medical aesthetician is going to do a thorough analysis of your skin to figure out which additions you may want, which includes therapy with red light for skin repair and sun damage or therapy with blue light for acne. It’s also possible to include a peal if you want extra exfoliation or, if you want to promote collagen and elastin production, growth factors.

You’ll discover your skin’s feeling totally rejuvenated following your HydraFacial and that it’s glowing. You’re going to notice that the products you’re using on your skin penetrate faster and are working more effectively. Your makeup is also going to go on a lot more smoothly without going into pores or fine lines.

HydraFacial’s also a great treatment right before a huge event, also, but it’s best if you do a series of treatments since they’re cumulative. You’re going to see the improvement in wrinkles, fine lines, skin tone, overall health of your skin, , texture, and acne.

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