The Pura Vida Philosophy

Translated simply as Pure Life, Pura Vida is not simply a name for a new type of medical spa.  Pura Vida is a way of being, of feeling, and of thinking.   It is an appreciation of life, your life, in its true and yet best form.

The journey of enjoying Pure Life is a  holistic one involving improving and maintaining physical health, emotional health and well being, and even spiritual health.  Realizing and absorbing the good and beauty around you, as well as in yourself, while filtering away the truly inconsequential matters that subtract from that is the first step in the journey to that true best you.

By offering exceptional products and services, by expert providers, at unconventionally competitive pricing, Pura Vida Medical Spa seeks to help you get a step ahead in achieving that “true best you.”  We can assist you with your goals of enhancing your beauty and fulfill that vision for yourself, whether it is weight loss, body contouring, smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles, permanent laser hair removal (or hair restoration through platelet rich plasma), our own Pura Vida  skin care line, and much more.  We offer a complete and wide range of products and services to meet each of your special and individual needs.

If you haven’t already, consider a free consultation, and allow us to help you realize your Pura Vida.

–Eric A. Salata, MD

Medical Director, Pura Vida Medical Spa

800 5th Avenue South, Suite 201

Naples, FL  34102

239-919-PURA (7872)

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