The Role of Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) as a Part of Hair Restoration Program

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is useful for a variety of conditions to reduce inflammation, and to promote growth and tissue healing. PRP has been used for knee pain and injuries, to speed up surgical wound healing, skin ulcers, and much more. There are uses for PRP in aesthetic medicine also, including facial rejuvenation where it is often coupled with microneedling. Additionally, PRP is an important component of a comprehensive hair restoration program.

When injected directly into the scalp, PRP reduces scalp inflammation that can contribute to hair loss, as well as to deliver growth factors to the hair follicles that stimulate hair growth, and results in fuller and thicker hair. In fact, a recent small 2015 study revealed that use of PRP for hair restoration was safe and effective for male androgenic alopecia. Since PRP is taken from your own blood, it is safe and well tolerated.

The procedure begins by drawing a blood sample from your arm, and the blood is placed into a centrifuge that spins the blood, and separates the PRP from the whole blood. The PRP is then placed into a syringe and is ready for use. The scalp area is pretreated and prepped typically with a chlorhexidine/isopropyl alcohol combination. While the PRP injections are delivered, inhaled nitrous oxide gas is offered to improve the treatment experience. The PRP injections are spaced 0.5 inches apart and focused in the area of greatest hair loss. Total procedure time is usually 15-20 minutes.

After the procedure, LED light therapy is provided, which is believed to stimulate blood flow in the scalp, and also provide anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive effects. There are no activity restrictions after the procedure, and shampooing the hair maybe performed just a few hours after the procedure.

During your hair restoration consultation, it is likely that other treatment options will be advised. These may include use of nutraceuticals such a NutraFol or Viviscal. These nutraceuticals are drug free supplements that effectively promotes existing hair growth, as well as reducing hair shedding. Topical agents, such as minoxidil, and for men, an oral medication called finasteride, are other treatment options. Continued use of LED light therapy, or low level laser therapy (LLLT) may also be beneficial in stimulating hair regrowth.

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