What is Miradry and How is it Used to Reduce Underarm Sweat?

Have you had enough of all that underarm sweat? Are you seeking a safe, permanent solution?

If you answered yes to these questions, it’s time to learn more about the MiraDry system.

Used to treat excessive underarm sweat – also known as axillary hyperhidrosis – this FDA approved procedure has a high rate of success. And best yet, it’s non-invasive, which means less impact on your life.

How Does Miradry Work?

In simple terms, Miradry uses thermal energy to create a high level of heat in the problem areas.

Not only are the results immediate, but they’re permanent. It’s been clinically proven to reduce odor by an average of 89 percent and sweat by an average of 82 percent.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Any time you’re talking about a surgical procedure, invasive or not, it’s critical to understand the side effects and risks.

One of the biggest benefits of Miradry is its lack of side effects. The most common include swelling and soreness in the local area.

Another side effect to be aware of is short-term altered sensation in the area around the underarm.

Is Miradry Right For Me?

If you’re bothered by how much you sweat from your underarms, Miradry is a procedure to consider. There are other treatment methods available, but this system is known for its high-level results with minor side effects.

Note: if you’ve been formally diagnosed with axillary hyperhidrosis, talk to your doctor about your options, which should include Miradry.

Will My Insurance Pay For It?

Your insurance company is not likely to cover Miradry, but it never hurts to ask. Reach out to your insurance provider to discuss the procedure, your reason for it, and any options that are available to you.

Even if your insurance won’t pay for it, you have options available to you. In addition to self-pay, you may be able to use your HSA/FSA funds to pick up some or all of the expense.

As the only FDA approved treatment to permanently reduce underarm sweat, Miradry is a procedure to strongly consider. It could be the end to an embarrassing problem that has been plaguing you for your entire life.